• Understand the business concepts and methods involved in Management Accounting (Controlling) in the SAP system
  • Become familiar with cost and activity allocation methods
  • Learn how Management Accounting (Controlling) is integrated internally and with other modules in the SAP ERP system


  • Project managers and project team members
  • Employees responsible for implementing Controlling
  • Employees wanting to gain an overview of Controlling and its internal and external integration



  • Business knowledge in the area of Controlling


  • SAP01SAP Overview or
  • SAPFINSAP ERP Financials
  • Participants should have a basic practical and theoretical knowledge of Management accounting (Controlling) and of business processes

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 Enhancement Package 4


  • Introduction to the business concepts, methods, and subareas of Management Accounting (Controlling) in the SAP system
  • Presentation of key roles and tasks
  • Organizational structures and master data
  • Information system
  • Planning, integrated planning, and planning tools in Management Accounting (Controlling)
  • Integrated flow of costs and revenues in the SAP system based on the new General Ledger (new G/L)
  • Controlling of service processes
  • Periodic activities in Management Accounting (Controlling)