• Perform administrative tasks to provide help and multiple languages in SAP systems
  • Support internet applications, external emails, and test scripts in ABAP Administration


  • Program / Project Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant




  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.40


  • Technology Components for Browser-Based User Dialogs
    • Describing Internet Scenarios with SAP Systems
    • Describing the Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
    • Using the Internet Communication Framework (ICF)
    • Using the SAP Web Dispatcher
  • Advanced System Configuration
    • Administrating Web Services in AS ABAP
    • Setting Up Communication with SAPconnect
    • Setting Up Communication with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    • Introducing the SAP NetWeaver Gateway
    • Using ABAP SAP Central Services Instance (ASCS)
    • Using the Enqueue Replication Server (ERS)
  • SAP Help Center
    • Configuring the Help Center
  • Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT)
    • Using the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT)
    • Configuring eCATT
    • Executing eCATT Test Scripts
  • Aspects of Globalization
    • Discussing Aspects of Globalization
    • Importing Additional Languages in One SAP System