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  • Gain familiarity with changes made in Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) versions 15.5 and 15.7. You will learn several functionality changes, code changes, MDA table changes, administration changes, and changes to implementation of server security and new system procedures and utilities.


  • Understand the various changes that have been introduced in ASE versions 15.5 and 15.7
  • Configure and utilize In-Memory and relaxed durability databases
  • Configure and use the transfer table functionality
  • Take advantage of the new data compression capabilities in ASE version 15.7
  • Describe the differences between the traditional ASE kernel and the new threaded ASE kernel in version 15.7
  • Work with Sybase Control Center to administer an Adaptive Server


  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator



  • EDB358: System and Database Administration or
  • equivalent experience


  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP ASE 15.7


  • Introduction to ASE 15.5 and 15.7
    • Describing the ASE 15.5 and 15.7 New Features
  • New Features in ASE 15.5
    • Reviewing Administrative Changes in ASE 15.5
    • Explaining Code Execution Changes
    • Creating and Managing Temporary Databases
  • New Features of ASE 15.7
    • Reviewing Administration changes in ASE 15.7
    • Implementing Security Changes
    • Using the sybdiag Utility
    • Using Code and Query Tuning New Features
  • In-Memory and Relaxed Durability Databases
    • Explaining In-Memory Databases
    • Creating In-Memory and Relaxed Durability Databases
    • Administering In-Memory and Relaxed Durability Databases
  • Incremental Data Transfer
    • Explaining Incremental Data Transfer
    • Configuring Incremental Data Transfer
    • Executing Incremental Data Transfer
  • Large Objects and Data Compression
    • Using ASE New Features for Large Objects
    • Using Data Compression
  • Threaded Kernel
    • Describing the Threaded Kernel
    • Configuring the Threaded Kernel in ASE 15.7
  • Sybase Control Center
    • Describing the Sybase Control Center
    • Configuring the Sybase Control Center
    • Administrating an ASE System with Sybase Control Center