• This 3-day course is designed to teach participants the skills needed to build iOS apps for iPhone and iPad:. This hands-on courses includes detailed explanations of iOS technologies, hands-on use of Apple’s development tools, coding exercises in Swift that use common iOS frameworks, and many app projects to test participant’s knowledge. In detail:
    • Learn how to build native apps using the iOS SDK
    • Learn how to use Xcode and the Simulator
    • Learn how to use common navigation patterns and UI controls


  • Business Process Architect
  • Developer
  • Development Consultant
  • Solution Architect



  • Knowledge about Basic Computer Programming Concepts
  • Knowledge about the “Getting Started with iOS Development Videos”
  • FFA100: Introduction to Swift
  • Getting started with iOS Development Videos . Start your app development journey by learning about the essential concepts, tools, and programs used to build amazing business apps.


  • None


  • Introduction
    • Introduce the Interface Builder
    • Get an introduction to UIKit
  • Develoment Objects
    • Display Data
    • Learn to Use Controls in Action
    • Use Auto Layout and Stack Views
    • Implement Segues and Navigation Controllers
    • Implement Tab Bar Controllers
    • Use view controller life cycle events
    • Build simple Workflows
    • Learn about App Anatomy and Life Cycle
    • Use Model View Controller
  • Enhanced Development
    • Save Data with NSCoding
    • Use Scroll Views
    • Use Table Views
    • Use Intermediate Table View Features
    • Use System View Controllers
    • Build complex Input Screens
    • Explain an App’s Personality
    • Provide practical Animation
  • Working with the Web
    • Use HTTP and URL Session
    • Work with JSON Serialization
    • Work with Concurrency