• Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI) solution offering
  • Contribute to the implementation, change and enhancement of the Bank Analyzer AFI
  • Identify and select different Bank Analyzer AFI set up options for your organization
  • Get knowledge of the process coverage: Accounting and Financial Close process for Banking with strong focus on AFI


  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Architect
  • Systems Architect
  • Developers
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User



  • FS250Bank Analyzer Overview
  • TERP20SAP Financial and Management Accounting Basics


  • Banking Industry IT basic knowledge

Course based on software release

  • • Bank Analyzer 8.0 (BW Integrated) • International Banking 8.0 • PI


  • Finance Management
    • Running the Finance Management AFI process
    • Implementing Bank Analyzer accounting main entities
    • Blueprinting Bank Analyzer posting principles
    • Using SDL functions and master data for accounting
    • Using SDL flow data for accounting
  • Processing business transactions and events
    • Posting external business transactions
    • Using ‘Post External Business Transactions’ functions
    • Updating secondary business transactions
    • Using Updating secondary business transactions functions
    • Deriving AFI postings
    • Setting up the Basic Elements of the Postings derivation
    • Setting up the Posting Procedures for Postings derivation
    • Adjusting AFI postings procedures
    • Setting up the AFI accounting object model
    • Performing event driven postings
    • Performing BT driven transfer postings
    • Integrating AFI with SAP Transaction Banking
  • Processing driven by information needs
    • Executing AFI calculation driven processing
    • Providing amortized cost values and accruals
    • Providing fair values
    • Setting up the Key date Valuation
    • Designing posting procedures
  • Forex processing
    • Using the Bank Analyzer Forex processing
    • Performing KDV with Forex processing
    • Setting up the Bank Analyzer Forex processing
  • Managing Non-performing positions
  • Hedge accounting
  • Performance measures
    • Using the Source data Aggregation
    • Setting up the Source data Aggregation
    • Using the Pre-aggregation
  • Setting up and running the G/L Connector
  • Creation of Financial Statements
    • Running the automatic month end processing
    • Setting up the Financial Statement preparation
    • Performing manual postings in Bank Analyzer