• This course will prepare the participant to:
    • Use the core business processes and functions offered by In-House Cash
    • Create the necessary master data and make the area-specific settings in Customizing


  • Project Leaders
  • Responsible members of the project team
  • Consultants



  • Familiarity with basic financial accounting functions in SAP


  • AC010Business Processes in Financial Accounting
  • AC805Cash Management

Course based on software release

  • ERP ECC 6.0 EHP7


  • Introduction to FSCM and In-House Cash
    • Topics in Financial Supply Chain Management
    • Main Functions and Advantages of Using In-House Cash
  • Organizational Units in In-House Cash
    • Main Organizational Units Involved in In-House Cash
    • Functions of the In-House Cash Center
  • Master Data in In-House Cash
    • Business Partner and Other Central Data Objects in In-House Cash
    • Accounts and Limits
    • Conditions and Condition Group Categories
  • Business Processes in In-House Cash
    • Internal Payment Transactions using In-House Cash
    • Central Payments with In-House Cash
    • Central Incoming Payments
    • Cross-Bank-Area Payments
    • Local Payments with In-House Cash
    • Provisional Payments in In-House Cash
    • Use of Spreads in the In-House Bank
  • Periodic Processing – End-of-Day Transactions
    • Main End-of-Day Transactions in In-House Cash
    • Cash Concentrations
    • Transferring Postings to the General Ledger
  • Integration with Other Components
    • Cash Management Integration
    • Treasury Integration
    • Integration with Bank Communication Management
  • In-House Cash Configuration
    • Configuration of Basic Settings and Master Data
    • Configuration of Account Management
    • Configuration of Periodic Tasks
    • ALE Configuration
    • Configuration of Financial Accounting