• This course will prepare you to:
    • Understand the Key Concepts of SAP HANA and in-memory computing
    • Create a Data Model with SAP HANA Native Modeling Tools
    • Provision Data Into SAP HANA
    • Consume SAP HANA Information Models and Run Applications on SAP HANA


  • Application Consultant
  • Change Manager
  • Data Consultant / Manager
  • Developer



  • None


  • Reporting Tools and Analytics
  • General business modeling experience
  • Basic understanding of business system landscapes

Course based on software release



  • Introduction
  • Architecture
    • Explore the SAP HANA landscape
    • Interfaces for Administrators and Developers
    • Learn about the database
    • Explain High Availability
    • Describe the Main Security Features
  • Modeling and Data Processing
    • Create Information Models
    • Discover SAP HANA Live
    • Define Spatial Processing, Text Search and Analysis, and Predictive Modeling
  • Data Provisioning
    • Understand the Main Data Provisioning Scenarios
    • Load Data Using Flat File Import
    • Access Remote Data with Smart Data Access
    • Implement Data Replication
    • Describe SAP HANA Enterprise Information Management
    • Process Event Streams in Real Time
  • Running Applications on SAP HANA
    • Describe the Different Types of Applications
    • Connect SAP Business Intelligence Tools to SAP HANA
    • Use SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA
    • Build SAP HANA Applications using XS