Course announcements

  • Advanced configuration class covering IBP for Demand customizing which is not common to other IBP parts (which are covered in IBP200 or SOP200 class). IBP for Demand is based on the SAP6 data model. The class shows how to make the IBP for Demand solution work with a focus on Demand Sensing.


  • Implement IBP for Demand
  • Personalize your Fiori screen
  • Understand the configuration and data loads
  • Explain Lag
  • Create and Schedule Snapshot Key Figures
  • Execute a long term forecast
  • Execute Demand Sensing


  • Application Consultants and Support Consultants
  • Key Users
  • Project Manager




Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP – release 5.0.2


  • Introduction to IBP for Demand Ÿ -> Introduction to IBP for Demand Ÿ -> The Business Challenges Ÿ -> Definition of IBP for Demand Ÿ -> Definition of Demand Sensing Ÿ -> Overview of Fiori Ÿ -> How to Personalize your screen
  • Model Components
    • Overview of the SAP6 Planning Area Ÿ -> Key Figures including Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Order Data, and other special Key Figures. Ÿ -> Master Data Types including Lag Ÿ -> Planning Levels Ÿ -> Planning Area Settings including Planning Operators and Change History Ÿ -> Prerequisites for Master Data Loads including Snapshot Key Figures and other Master Data Loads
  • Key Features and Components Ÿ -> Managing Mid to Long Term Forecasting Ÿ -> Managing Demand Sensing