IP camera surveillance video

Security Camera.You come home from a hard day at work and notice that your house has been vandalized, you rush to your DVR device looking for the video of the vandals in action but notice that the DVR is missing. This is not a rare scenario, it has happened many times, you think you are secure but the storage device where you keep your surveillance video has been stolen and you have no proof of the crime.

Enter the IP camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder)

IP cameras as the name suggests are assigned an IP number on your network, these cameras can be accessed through the network without the necessary point to point connection as the classic DVR cameras. You can access your live feed using your smartphone, or other mobile accessories or devices.

There are many benefits of IP cameras:

  • Higher quality video, these cameras can record HD video, 720p, 1080p.
  • Less cables, these cameras can transmit all data through a single network cable.
  • Can be accessed by computers and cellphones on network.
  • Data encryption to protect your data.
  • Camera can be in one place and recorder in another home or place with internet.

More information can be found on this video

To protect your data your home camera is assigned a unique IP number on your network, with the required software you can access that camera and access it through its IP number, this way you can have your camera at home, and your recorder somewhere else safer.

This can still pose a problem, since the recorder can still be stolen or accessed by other people, to fix this problem there are online backup solutions that can store your data for a number of days, one of this options is Angelcam, which offers a free version to store your data for up to 3 days, and different paid options to store data for 7 days, 30 days, 3 months and more if needed.

Mangocam is a provider offering personal and business accounts, just like Angelcam it features a free account with limited but useful storage for one camera, other useful features include motion detection and alerts on the silver plan, and advanced motion alert on the gold plan.

One last option is Eyecast, which separates its plans in two different categories, standard resolution and premium resolution, other features include the ability to save data to a dvd.

There are other providers for cloud backup online, whatever service you choose, make sure to fully understand the features of the plan you choose, the most important features are the amount of time your video will be backed up and the quality of said video, it is best to go with a higher quality video even if the costs rise a little, the details offered by the HD video are worth it whenever the video is needed.

The IP camera and cloud backup solution are sure to keep you safer than the outdated DVRs, having the extra advantages like phone, tablet, computer monitoring are extras that are well worth the cost of updating your surveillance system.

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