• This certification test verifies your advanced business process knowledge and your project experience in the area of SAP ERP Procurement & Logistics Execution. The certificate proves your detailed understanding of its functions and their integration into other SAP solutions as well as your ability to apply this knowledge practically in implementation projects.

Topic Areas

Please see below the list of topics that may be covered within this certification and the courses that cover them. Its accuracy does not constitute a legitimate claim; SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time.

WM & EWM Configuration8% – 12%

Set up a warehouse in Warehouse Management & Extended Warehouse Management.

WM & EWM Replenishment8% – 12%

Replenish materials inside a warehouse.

IM, WM & EWM Goods Movement8% – 12%

Define and execute Goods Movements in various applications.

Implementation Scenarios & Interfaces8% – 12%

Differentiate various Deployment Options for Warehouse Management Solutions.

Physical Inventory< 8%

Differentiate types of Physical Inventory.

Integration with other Solutions (SCM, ERP, CRM)< 8%

Define integration with other Solutions (SCM,  ERP, CRM).

Cross-Docking< 8%

Optimize warehouse movements with Cross-Docking.

Radio Frequency (RF)< 8%

Working with mobile devices

Reporting & Analysis< 8%

Monitor and supervise the Warehouse Processes.

Yard & Labor Management< 8%

Use Yard & Labor Management.

Handling Unit Management (HUM)< 8%

Packing and controling movements with Handling Unit Management (HUM).

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)< 8%

Explain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Scenarios.

  • SRF001

Posting Changes & Stock Transfers< 8%

Execute Posting Changes and Stock Transfers.

Placement & Removal Strategies< 8%

Set up Putaway and Picking Strategies.

Delivery, Transportation and Scheduling< 8%

Delivery, Transportation and Scheduling

Cross Application – Integration< 8%

Set up Integration between Warehouse Management and other applications.