• Gain an overview of Customer Service
  • Become familiar with the most important business processes in Customer Service, including practical exercises
  • Explain integration with other SAP components
  • Support decision makers responsible for implementing the system
  • Identify the different analysis options that are available


  • Project managers
  • Project team



  • none


Course based on software release

  • ERP ECC 6.0


  • Overview of Customer Service
  • Technical objects
    • Material serial numbers and equipment
    • Functional locations, bills of material and warranties
  • Help desk processing
    • Creating, processing, and completing service notifications
  • Planning of technician resources
    • Creating, processing, completing, and billing for service orders
  • Processing returns and repairs
    • Repair order processing and returns delivery, repair processing, delivery, and billing
  • Service contracts
    • Content and structure of service contracts
    • Service processing with contracts
  • Planned customer service
    • Task lists, maintenance plans, and scheduling Reports
    • Service history and information system