Course announcements

  • This course provides an overview of SAP OEE release 15.0. This course introduces you to SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness (SAP OEE) – a packaged composite application for SAP MII. This course provides you an overview of the solution and enables you to use the scope of functions provided by SAP OEE.
  • The course contains detailed information about the following topics:
    • SAP OEE solution and how it can be used for continuous improvement for achieving manufacturing excellence.
    • Conceptual understanding of the features, functions, and options of SAP OEE so that you can successfully design and implement OEE in a company.
    • Use of SAP OEE to enable consistent connectivity and automated data gathering across the disparate plant and business systems.
    • How to create OEE specific master data such as plant hierarchy and plant reason codes.
    • How to set-up OEE dashboard and report production related data using the dashboard.


  • Understand the features and business processes of SAP OEE
  • Set-up OEE related master data in SAP ERP
  • Understand the OEE implementation and integration steps in SAP ERP and SAP MII systems.
  • Create and configure your user specific dashboards
  • Use the OEE dashboards to report production related data from the shop floor.
  • Use OEE for performance analysis


  • Business users and project leaders of SAP MII
  • SAP MII Consultants
  • Business partners



  • Basic Knowledge of Manufacturing Processes
  • Basic knowledge of SAP MII
  • Basic knowledge of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Basic knowledge of SAP ERP


  • Basic PP master data set up in SAP ERP
  • ALE configuration set up

Course based on software release

  • SAP MII 15.0


  • SAP OEE Introduction
  • Customizing and Master Data in ERP
  • SAP ERP-Shop Floor Integration for OEE
  • Dashboard Configuration
  • SAP OEE Dashboard
  • SAP OEE Extension Framework UI Extensions
  • Custom Development
  • Roles and Authorizations
  • HANA Analytics and Reports for OEE


  • Course material is available in English only