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  • This course provides an in-depth functional overview of the SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) system. Participants will gain knowledge and skills necessary to define and configure production and product master data required to run and control various production processes. Also this course provides a general overview of how the SAP ME system integrates to the SAP ERP system and the shop floor equipment.
  • During this course participants will work in the environment where SAP ERP and SAP ME are integrated and learn major integrated scenarios.


  • This Course will prepare you to:
    • List key features and benefits of SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)
    • Explain the basic concepts of integration between SAP ERP and SAP ME
    • Define and configure the functional features of the SAP ME product
    • Work in the environment where SAP ERP and SAP ME are integrated


  • Project leaders
  • Project team members
  • Solution consultants



  • None


  • Knowledge of the manufacturing life cycle

Course based on software release

  • ME 15.1


  • SAP ME Application Infrastructure
  • Setting Up a Basic Production Line in SAP Manufacturing
  • Running Production and Building a Product in SAP ME
  • Data Collection in SAP ME
  • Working with Floor Stock in SAP ME
  • Configuring Dashboards for Production Operators in SAP ME
  • Messaging
  • Managing Nonconformances (NC) in SAP ME
  • Managing the Product on the Shop Floor
  • Performing Sampling in SAP ME
  • Monitoring and Analysis Production
  • Equipment Management
  • SAP ME Data Management
  • Labor Tracking in SAP ME
  • SAPMEINT Integration to ECC
  • Appendix

SCM750 - Processes in Manufacturing Execution

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